Silhouette Soft is a state-of-the-art suspension suture that is developed and produced by Sinclair Pharma in the United States of America. Sinclair Pharma was founded in 1971 and have developed revolutionary skincare products since then. Today, Sinclair specialise in non-surgical treatments for improving skin quality, facial shape and volumisation. Silhouette suspension sutures carry a European CE mark and their manufacture complies with international standard ISO 13485. They are one of the best suspension suture products in the market today.

The effects of the aging process include bone resorption, muscular atrophy, fat loss and redistribution and collagen loss. Silhouette Soft’s unique cone technology offers a 360º surface for suture anchorage and suspension, using naturally-reabsorbable components. During a treatment which is minimally invasive, the Silhouette Soft suture is placed into the skin’s subdermis while the clinician manually compresses the adipose tissue and repositions the fat compartment. The suture is tightened for an immediate lifting effect. As the suture remains in the subdermis, taking its time to be reabsorbed by the body’s natural processes, it stimulates the growth of collagen around the expanded surface area of the novel 360º cone structure. This treatment process is uniquely dual action, providing an immediate subtle lift and the natural promotion of collagen production over time, leaving the patient benefitting from the treatment for considerable time after it is performed.

Sihouette Soft suspension sutures based on cone technology provide a minimally invasive treatment that results in minimal downtime, a minimal aftercare period and speedy recovery. They can be used to treat various areas of the face, including cheeks and eyebrows, and the neck and are a proven and effective treatment for eyebrow ptosis, mid face skin ptosis, jaw line ptosis, loss of malar volume and neck laxity.
We offer Sinclair Pharma’s Silhouette Suspension sutures in 8-cone, 12-cone and 16-cone variations.

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