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Our range of skin care products includes industry-leading and scientifically proven treatments produced by the world’s biggest laboratories using state of the art skin care technology. Our product range includes the very best in non-invasive skincare treatments and solutions.

Highlights of our product range include the Calecim Professional Multi-Action Cream and Restorative Hydration Cream. Developed in Singapore by Cellresearch Corporation, this daily corrective treatment for skin aging utilises patented and advanced technology. Non-human mammalian umbilical cord cells are utilised in the extraction of nutrients, collagen and proteins. Grown in a culture media, the resulting extraction is rich in age-beating proteins. Active components of Calecim’s state-of-the-art products include soluble collagen, which restores the skin’s shape and form, Albumin, which returns the skin’s fullness, Fibronectin, which reinstates the skin’s protein network damaged by aging and glycoproteins, which promote intercellular linkage for the rejuvenation of skin. Calecim’s Restorative Hydration Cream can be used above the Multi-Action Cream as a daily hydrating moisturiser.

Filorga’s Bright Peel and Light Peel provide options for non-surgical and non-invasive treatment, with a variety of applications. Differentiating between normal skin and sensitive skin, the products provide gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. The gentle acids contained in the peeling complex remove the uppermost, most damaged and most worn level of skin cells, which in turn stimulates the growth of new and improved skin cells. The combination of gentle acids, which includes gluconolactone, phytic acid, citric acid and glycolic acid, have a pH value of 1.5. The gentle and non-invasive treatment can be used to mildly take care of wrinkles, age spots, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and dullness, leaving skin looking brighter, radiant and more youthful.

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